PSY, Klingon Style

Now, this is amusing and all. The impressive thing isn’t that they copied the dancing and shots from Gangnam Style by Psy, or that the costumes from Star Trek are pretty good.

What shocked me was this dude is singing the entire song in KLINGON, which is apparently a real language that you can study and speak. There’s a Klingon Language Institute and such. Other Trekkies / Trekkers / Star Trek nerds may even understand you.

Also: I remember in the documentary TREKKIES, fans in full Klingon getup go to a McDonald’s or whatever and try to order a Big Mac and fries in Klingon, and the man behind the counter doesn’t bat an eyelash.

If you haven’t seen the original, check out the first post about Psy and his crazy music video.

3 thoughts on “PSY, Klingon Style

  1. There was a great episode of Fraiser where he wanted to learn the speech he was going to give at his son’s bar mitzvah in Hebrew, but somehow he ticked off the tutor so instead he unwittingly learned the whole thing in Klingon. He only realized his error and the tutor’s perfidy after he gave the speech. Embarrassed he starts to apologize to this son, but his son knew it was klingon and thought it was uber cool.
    So, yes, you can speak klingon. Even give bar mitzvah speeches in it. 🙂


  2. OMG! You didn’t know you could actually study Klingon? I’m in shock. I’ve been practicing my Gangnam Style dance, but an eight year old boy gave me the skinny. It’s right, left, right-right… right, left, right-right. He learned it in P.E.


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