SKYFALL song and trailers, for all you 007 fans

The new Bond film is coming out – SKYFALL – and of course it has a song, by Adele.

Here’s a trailer for the film from the UK, because I love the UK and somebody told me both Daniel Craig and Bond are supposed to be all BRITISH or something.

So I have questions. Will you see SKYFALL — or would you rather watch TRANSFORMERS 5: ROBOTS VS GI JOE OR CARE BEARS OR WHATEVER?

Who is your favorite Bond villain and Bond girl, and why can’t they be the same person more often, just to save on Hollywood salaries and such?

And who, other than Daniel Craig, would win in a fight between all the actors who played Bond?

7 thoughts on “SKYFALL song and trailers, for all you 007 fans

  1. I’ve heard only good things for SKYFALL, so far…though that can’t be that hard, given that the last Bond film was such a mess. That wasn’t Daniel Craig’s fault (who’s actually a pretty solid Bond) – or, Heaven forfend, Dame Dench’s – but it just didn’t feel like a BOND movie. Too much emphasis on secondary characters, leaving the main character without any impact or resonance. Blah.

    I’ll still see SKYFALL, though. It might be the only film I actually go to the cinema to see, too!

    As for the Bonds, Craig has done a good job. He’s unfortunately been saddled with the role of inexperienced agent in the last two movies, which is possibly what hinders his portrayal. Goodness knows he’s a step forward, though, in this age of Jason Bournes.

    Connery remains my all-time favorite Bond. He’s quite thuggish, but it works. (I like that fist-swinging aspect of Craig’s Bond, as well.) He can be suave when he wants to be (q.v., FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE), but he’s also not afraid to get his hands dirty.

    As for Bond women, that’s tougher, though only just. I love Michelle Yeoh, but TOMORROW NEVER DIES was rather forgettable. Ursula Andress as Honey Rider (DR. NO) is dang cool, especially in that bikini, but she doesn’t get to do a whole lot. Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore, on the other hand, steals the show in GOLDFINGER, with good reason: she’s smart, sassy, sexy, and leads a squadron of female fighter pilots. What is not to love, there?


  2. I’m beyond excited for Skyfall. I love me some Bond – and Craig’s Bond is much closer to the books than any of the previous Bonds. As for who would win in a fight – depends on circumstances. In face-to-face brawl, it’s Connery, no question. If he gets to strategize and set it up, Brosnan. If it’s a battle of smarm, Moore wins. Though I love me some Roger Moore Bond movies–they were excellent children of their time.

    Favorite Bond girl of all time – definitely Grace Jones as May Day. She will kick your ass and you will LIKE it.

    Favorite Bond villain. Harder. I like Dr. Kananga/Mr. Big. But I also Like Mr. White of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace – I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with him.


  3. Who would win if you leave out Daniel Craig? You can’t leave out Daniel Craig – he kicks ass! Sean Connery, of course. No other bond is worth my time.


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