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8 thoughts on “Get in touch

  1. Hey!
    I am incredibly sorry my thanks and welcome are very over due! You were my first follow even before my mother! haha I also want to say it is a joy to discover your blog! The name alone brought a smile… I hate that pen… still do no matter what color…


  2. Guy if you haven’t already read Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, or if you have but it has been a few years, I would highly recommend it! It’s an epic story worthy of your ten days laying low to heal after your surgery.


  3. So glad SOMEONE at last spoke out against Gertrude Stein! Somehow the Academic/Literary world stopped judging writers based exclusively (or at least primarily) on the merits of their writings. Now we have “fashionable” writers who are lauded due to their identities, or due to their fortunate connections to a specific movement or time in history. Clearly Gertrude Stein is very fashionable today. It’s a shame, for it overshadows her just reputation as a champion of the Early Moderns.
    Anyway I write as well. My most important poem below. It’s not fashionable, but I’m proud of it. By the way, my pen name is my Twitter handle. Peace.,-2001/4c9f67u7/


  4. Just found you. So glad I did. I expect to go back and read all your posts over the next few weeks.
    I am tired of being an underpaid adjunct and have started (page 160) my first novel. After 18 years of editing my students, it is my time.


  5. How could you not like Gertrude Stein’s, er, ah, writing? She was a veritable font of, of, of, fontness.

    [Just goes t’show what dough, hype, and connections can do. I mean, r e a l l y. WHAT WRITING??]

    New Admirer
    Charter Member of Late Night Procrastinators, Ink [sic]
    & former member of On & On Anon [claimed I overdone ‘er]


  6. I like packets better than tubes, it’s more accurate and interesting sounding. Tubes is from that popular book isn’t it. I don’t like this, what I just wrote, so feel free to delete it. I ‘m trying to find my way back out of your blog, I got lost in the tubes, packets or whatever they are. I don’t like either of those now. I actually got lost in a bead shop in NYC one day while I was wandering around the streets with Google Maps and it wouldn’t let me out of the shop. It even had the arrows on the floor inside the store so I could browse and shop. I was finally released. I didn’t buy anything. But these things happen…


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