PSY, Klingon Style

Now, this is amusing and all. The impressive thing isn’t that they copied the dancing and shots from Gangnam Style by Psy, or that the costumes from Star Trek are pretty good.

What shocked me was this dude is singing the entire song in KLINGON, which is apparently a real language that you can study and speak. There’s a Klingon Language Institute and such. Other Trekkies / Trekkers / Star Trek nerds may even understand you.

Also: I remember in the documentary TREKKIES, fans in full Klingon getup go to a McDonald’s or whatever and try to order a Big Mac and fries in Klingon, and the man behind the counter doesn’t bat an eyelash.

If you haven’t seen the original, check out the first post about Psy and his crazy music video.

Crazy funny documentaries: DARKON and TREKKIES


Who said documentaries are boring? No. Check these two out.


Our first documentary — which I rented on the NetFlix and watched TWICE — answers the questions all of us have asked, at one time or another: What happened to the 13-year-old dudes who were really, really into Dungeons and Dragons? I’m not talking a little into it. I mean really, really serious about it, as in they’d go pro if there was such a thing.

The documentary DARKON answers those questions. And no, they don’t hang out in mom’s basement dressed up like warriors and wizards and elves while rolling dice on a table for ten hours a day. That’s silly. They dress up like warriors and wizards and elves for entire weekends and bash each other with foam swords.

And this is serious business. The swords may be foam, but the armor is real, and the politics are all kinds of crazy.

So: watch this trailer, then watch the whole thing.


This documentary is less deeply epic than DARKON and far more comic. You will snort coffee from your nose, or bourbon, or a Capri Sun juice box, if that’s what mom packed.

A former actress from STAR TREK: I FORGET WHICH SERIES (she’s blonde, and left the show, then came back as an evil Romulun twin or whatever) goes forth and interviews all sorts of Star Trek fans. She’s also got interviews with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, but those won’t stick to your mind as much as the dentist whose entire office is decked out like the bridge of the Enterprise or the gang of Klingons ordering food from Taco Bell while speaking Klingon.

This thing is hilarious. Here’s the trailer.