Music Video Monday: Florence + The Machine

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If I post a music video every Monday, or every other Monday, or on random Mondays when I feel like it, I will officially be playing more music than this channel on your cable box called MTV.

That channel, which was once proud and powerful, is now apparently dedicated to documentaries about the fake-tanning habits of young, unmarried losers in New Jersey with gelled hair and steroid problems and fake body parts.


Watch this insane video by Florence + The Machine, then use your literary powers of deconstruction to figure out what it’s trying to say.

I believe the alien go-go dancers are a tribute to all the green alien women Captain Kirk conquered back in the 1960s, and that the end of the video pays homage to the only good scene in X-MEN: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN OR WHATEVER when Famke Janssen, who rocked as an evil Bond girl in Goldeneye, went nuts and turned all these bad guys into dust because Hugh Jackman refused to go steady with her.

34 thoughts on “Music Video Monday: Florence + The Machine

  1. My fave part of that Florence and the Machine vid is the way everyone explodes – individually – into a cascade of glitter and confetti. That’s just…. awesome.

    And if you want creepy vids, check out Avenge Sevenfold’s “A Little Piece of Heaven” which combines completely freaky lyrics – I mean…. squick factor supreme- and creepy animation and a peppy beat.


  2. Well, cool tune. My take: The video does reference Star Trek Kirk-lovin’ blue alien ladies, with a dash of Clan of the Cave Bear, homage to Queen, Kabuki, assorted tribal dances, gospel choirs, and a generous bizarro dose of old-skool Bowie.

    Fun times. They don’t make music videos like this too often anymore, a sad loss of an interesting art form.

    Here’s another funky video for you, Josh Ritter’s The Curse:


    1. Larry of the Palouse, music videos with creepy puppets are under-rated. Thank you for finding that. I will watch it and report back to you.

      I hope you’re doing well, that your pookies are learning big words, that the Palouse is not too Snowpocalpse-y for you this year, and that you drive over the monstrous mountains soon to visit the Wet Side, where I will buy you a coffee, and then lunch, and then coffee with your lunch and a Guinness to chase it all down.


    1. Theresa the Stevens! I don’t think you’d posted a comment before. Welcome to the mad house.

      Somehow, you used techno-powers beyond my comprehension to embed a music video in your comment. THAT IS SPIFFY.


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