Storytelling: Some random man on Facebook takes tired, bored SUPERMAN and nails it

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Every time that Hollywood reboots the SUPERMAN franchise, they hire some hot-shot screenwriter, who pens something the hot-shot director hates, leading to some OTHER screenwriter taking a stab at the page 1 polish (rewrite) until studio execs get involved and bring in five of their favorite screenwriters to add their spices to the awkward stew.

This is a certain way to spend $300 million on an epic failure.

HOWEVER: some random man, posting on the Book of Face, just told a better story than anything I’ve seen from any Superman movie in the history of mankind.

This man is smart. Somebody hire him.

7 thoughts on “Storytelling: Some random man on Facebook takes tired, bored SUPERMAN and nails it

  1. Lost me at the editorial writing part. Boring… SHOW, don’t TELL. Instead of Superman typing something that no one is going to read, this should be another action scene where Superman has to get average Joes to find the Superman inside of them in order to stop another threat – a plot that began before he did his time-travelling but wasn’t fully realized until he came back, a plot that began somewhere in the boilersplate Lex Luthor gold theft. Think Doctor Who when Martha Jones had to get everyone in the world to say “Doctor” to save the Doctor and save the world – in this case, Superman is Martha Jones and has to get everyone in the world to do something simultaneously, like go to Lex Luthor’s website at the same time in order to crash his server, because the server is controlling the remote control robots which are about to take over the planet…


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