Seattle superheroes challenged by supervillain Rex Velvet

Around here , we don’t just watch caped crusaders and masked Avengers on the Imax while munching the Largest Bowls of Popcorn Known to Man.

Up in Metropolis, which other peoples call “Seattle,” we have our own local super heroes, including Phoenix Jones, who changes into costume by going through a SECRET DOOR at a comic book store.

Does it get any geekier, or cooler, than that? The answer is NO.

And now we have a local super-villain, Rex Velvet, challenging Jones.

Rex Velvet, you get bonus points for the mustache symbolism.

6 thoughts on “Seattle superheroes challenged by supervillain Rex Velvet

  1. I never considered Seattle as the “real” Metropolis…but it makes sense. Clean, temperate city, basically good people, strong civic and private technology. Yeah, I can definitely see that.

    Despite my upbringing as a girl who appreciated the idea of wrongs being righted no matter what The Law might say, I can’t help but think that vigilantes breed their own rogues galleries. It’s a rather terrifying cycle of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman to combat crooks, which in turn creates crooks like The Joker wanting to step up to the challenge of a Batman, which leads further to more violent crimefighters like an Azrael (who took up the Batman mantle briefly after the Bane storyline), or even Midnighter (from the Authority).

    That said, the idea of Phoenix Jones changing into his costume in a secret room in a comics shop(!) is pretty darn cool. And Rex Velvet’s video is very, very stylish. šŸ™‚


    1. Wow. OK, I know nothing of the comic books, so you are educating me. Bane is the bad guy in the new DARK KNIGHT, got it. Who are these other jokers?


      1. I’ll try to stay succinct. šŸ™‚

        When Bane breaks Batman’s back, Azrael, an “assassin-enforcer” who has been undergoing training with Batman prior to this, puts on the Batman costume, to take revenge on Bane. Azrael continues to wear the Batman costume while Bruce recuperates from his fight with Bane. However, Az becomes increasingly more violent and starts killing bad guys; one instance leads to the death of an innocent hostage. This is the last straw for Bruce, and (now recovered) he confronts Az in a drawn-out fight across Gotham, resulting in Azrael’s defeat and Bruce’s reclamation of the Batman title and outfit. There’s more story, of course, but it’s really just comic book filler.

        Midnighter is the Batman equivalent in the comic book The Authority. The Authority is essentially a parody of the Justice League, with more extreme personalities. He’s just a very, very violent and unscrupulous crimefighter. (On an interesting side note, though, he is the homosexual lover/partner of Apollo, The Authority’s parody of Superman. Make of that what you will.)


  2. They all must unite & take on the evil Rex Velvet! But must give props to Velvet, as that’s a cool villain name. It sure the heck is.


  3. We need to get them to create a real world “hall o’ justice” because down in hotlanta (near moi), there are two superheroes!

    Baton Bob is my favorite. Haven’t seen him out and about as of late, but I’ll try to find a video of him in action (from the series of tubes) for your enjoyment. As a former collegiate featured twirler, I love anyone who has hard, cold steel in their hands and and isn’t afraid to use it (providing they know how). He flaunts his own unique style and is a master of costume.

    And then there’s Danger Girl. She sings (off key) and she flies in from time to time on certain morning radio shows. Not so sure about her costume though.


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