PORK AND BEANS by Weezer is a music video masterpiece

I heard this song on the radios when it came out, and it was Good.

Yet I only just now saw the music video, in the year 2022–and my God, the thing is fiery balls of amazing.

Check it out, then we’ll talk smack.

Here’s why I could not love this video more: they went all out and crammed every possible internet meme and Random Person Turned Internet Famous into a short music video.

Not one or two or three. Everybody they could possibly find and convince to do this thing.

Their commitment to the gag makes it not only ten pounds of fun packed into a five-pound bag—it makes this video insanely rewatchable, because if you blinked twice, you missed a dozen things, and if you didn’t blink, you are a spy for the Lizard People from Planet 9, and we will find you.

Weezer has been a band since before you were born, so it gives me joy to see that they’re still cranking out these things called “albums” which aren’t really a thing anymore, and I hope they are genuinely ageless and make music forever and not continue to exist by dint of being preserved by All the Drugs like a bazillion rockers collecting Social Security while still on tour.

VERDICT: 11/10, and please give us another video like this every 5 years, because the interwebs are always making new people famous for a hot second.