Australian billionaire may resurrect DINOSAURS … for his park

random thursday crazy kittteh meme

So this Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer, isn’t just spending the Gross Domestic Product of Paraguay to create a luxury cruise liner named … The Titanic.

No. See, that’s thinking too small, and tempting the gods too little.

Word is Palmer also wants to hand scientists all kinds of cash to RESURRECT DINOSAURS to put in this park/resort thing he’s building. (Read the story here.) You know, because that worked out so well for Jeff Goldblum and that dude who looked kinda like Hemingway.

Palmer looks nothing like Hemingway, therefore his plan is doomed.

Also, as a bonus video, who knew Jeff Goldblum could combine a geeky scientist with a cheesy pickup artist? That, my friends, is the power of Method Acting or whatever.