WORD CRIMES by Weird Al is a writer’s anthem

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Back in the day, Weird Al Yankovic was proudly, loudly weird. Today, he’s the master of parody videos, which keep getting better and better.

This one is a dream for writers and editors everywhere. He speaks the truth. Sing it, Al, and let the rumors that you’re retiring be false.


9 thoughts on “WORD CRIMES by Weird Al is a writer’s anthem

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    I wanted to repost this from The Red Pen of Doom. It’s a writer’s treat.

    Like Portland’s motto, I say, “Stay weird, Al.” The world needs more humor that makes a point.

  2. This is going to go straight on to my iPod once I download it – and I look forward to the strange glances I’ll get on the bus when I sing along to it.

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    I had to reblog a reblog because this made me laugh so hard I nearly snorted coffee out of my nose. It’s a fitting start to a Monday. Excuse me….I need to dance some ‘mo to dis. (Go Wierd Al!)

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