Bears climbing cliffs, I kid you not

random thursday crazy kittteh meme

These aren’t circus bears who’ve been trained for years and have a net to catch them.

These are giant, furry beasts out in the wild, climbing some insane cliff. And yeah, if they slip and fall, it’s a pretty good bet the trophy shop has a Darwin Award waiting for them. So this was tense to watch, and impressive. Go, bears, go. Climb away.

Related: there’s a Canadian man who’s devoted decades to creating an anti-bear suit, something that would stand up to a grizzly attack. Troy Hurtibise then has friends hit him with cricket bats and pickup trucks, or he goes full Ewok and lets friends send logs flying through the air to crush him.

Impressive, and also begging for a Darwin Award — but well done, sir.

3 thoughts on “Bears climbing cliffs, I kid you not

  1. What a heart-stopping moment when that wee bear slides down the rock face and mummy bear just blithely ignores the little chap. I agree about the therapy for the suit-guy, although I fear the bear cub may also need therapy now to get over its newly developed rock climbing phobia.


  2. I think we need to know more about that bloke – I mean, getting your mates to do you over with baseball bats in the name of research – the man deserves some sort of award, if not therapy. Most probably therapy.


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