Wait for it

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The Best Exchange Student in History tells me everybody over in the former Soviet Union has dash cams in their cars, as insurance against nonsense like shady cops or people lying about who caused an accident.

I think it’s really because of the humor value of all the crazy stuff that happens on the road.

That’s the context for the clip above.

Now here’s a compilation of actual dash-cam footage, and yes, it’s stranger than fiction.

As somebody who drives a rural highway and sees some weird and wild things most weeks, this makes me want to install a dash cam.

10 thoughts on “Wait for it

  1. My dad kept a Polaroid camera in the boot of the car in case he ever got in an accident. One of his more eccentric pieces of wisdom, perhaps, but maybe that preventive measure kept him from being bumped.


  2. Coming home from lunch with a friend today, almost hit a woman walking right down middle of lane, into oncoming traffic, waving one arm up and down, mouthing “Slow down”

    Where’s the dash cam when you need it?

    A xx


  3. I’ve read they actually do have dash cams over there in Russia. Wish I could say I’ve seen Bigfoot by the side of the road, but nah. I’ve seen him in my backyard.


    1. Backyard, really? There’s a story there.

      Almost hit an elk in the middle of the highway at midnight and did run over a dead wolf, possibly Taylor Lautner, since it was close to Forks.


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