Improve your blog’s bounce rate and such

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I do this blog for fun, not for monies. HOWEVER: even casual bloggers probably want to make their bloggity blog more popular, and get more viewers.

Want to make your blog better and more popular? Neil Patel of Quicksprout is your man.

He’s brilliant. And he made this handy infographic on improving your website’s stickiness.

Check him out if you’re serious about page views and such. I make the same (zero!) whether this silly blog gets 5,932,023,727,099,131,827 hits a day or the only guy reading it is some bored dude in a research station in Antarctica, so bounce rates aren’t my thing. But I know many writers work crazy hard on their blogs and blog-like substances, and what Neil does for free, and for his clients, is packed full of Smart.

How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

3 thoughts on “Improve your blog’s bounce rate and such

  1. Now all I have to do is find a translator, meta descriptions, external links etc. I’m a child of the fifties and have trouble understanding how to put a pair of trousers on these days. I’m sure there are whiz kids from the nineties and noughties who find this all second nature and can follow whence Neil leads, but I’m a silver surfer who can’t even find the dog lead.
    The charts and progression Neil uses are clear and helpful though in getting from A to B, the people on his train of thought will do well. It seems though that I was on the bus instead.
    Have a Great Easter.


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