A montage set to music: The best movies of 2013

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Movies are all around us. Kind of like the Force, before George Lucas ruined it with all that claptrap about midichloridians or whatever.

Films live inside your TV, your iPhone, your laptop. They’re sitting on shiny metal disks and even being celebrated in these insanely large and dark stadiums where you pay $12 for popcorn and a Diet Coke that costs 20 cents.

And if you’re anything like me, movies are something magical.

So there’s this professional movie critic, David Ehrlich, a man you’d think only takes joy in ripping apart SMURFS 3: ARE WE THERE YET, PAPA SMURF while praising some black-and-white existential French movie where the hero finally kisses the girl and promptly gets hit by a bus–well, you’d think critics like him wouldn’t create something so joyful and beautiful as this.

Except of course he would. Why does anybody become a movie critic, book reviewer or rock journalist? Because they love nothing more than movies, books and making fun of Axl Rose and Vanilla Ice trying to stage a comeback.

3 thoughts on “A montage set to music: The best movies of 2013

  1. Watching that made me realize how many movies I have not seen! Also, it made me crave terrible and overpriced popcorn and pop, and I don’t even like pop.

    My top three that I’ve seen would have to be Gravity, Elysium and The Great Gatsby. Warm Bodies gets an honourable mention. Also, I went in thinking Beautiful Creatures was going to be ridiculous and cheezy, and it totally was. But I liked it.

    Worst movie I saw this year was Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.


  2. Nuthin’ makes my top three. However I’ll watch anything featuring, or not, Jennifer Lawrence. She’s the one reason I’m willing to go to a theater.


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