Golden eagle: the honey badger of birds

The shocking video of a giant flipping golden eagle, soaring in like some kind of pterodactyl, which I can’t even spell, to snatch a toddler — well, that thing may or may not be a total fake.

Watch it and decide.

Not fake is this long nature video of a golden eagle killing and eating MOUNTAIN GOATS.

I am not making that up. Why bother hunting rats, rabbits, purse dogs belonging to Paris Hilton, wolves, tiny humans and anything else under 33 pounds — why even mess with such trifling things when you can take out giant goats, and do so using jedi bird mastery of gravity?

We should remember three things: (1) birds are feathered dinosaurs, (2) golden eagles are like mini velicoraptors WHO CAN FLY and (3) if you have one as a pet, I am not cleaning the bird cage.

Bonus video: a rundown, with all kinds of scientific numbers and such about the golden eagle, truly the honey badger of birds. (Though in a fight, I’m putting a purple euro on the honey badger.)

2 thoughts on “Golden eagle: the honey badger of birds

  1. Yeah, the video was faked. Made by college students. Good job though. I, personally, love golden eagles and all their relatives. I will be a raptor in my next life… maybe. In one of my next lives anyway.
    I say this – it’s a good thing dinosaurs shrunk to bird size because I have a pet conure and she’s touchy. Alternates between affection and biting your ear in an incredibly painful way. She has no remorse. Can you imagine if birds were still the size of dinosaurs? Our pets would be biting our heads off.


  2. Incredible video and it sure looked real. Wow. I can’t imagine how terrible it would have felt if that eagle had carried away their child.

    I mean, what could you have done? Called the police? Try to figure out where it took him/her? You’d feel completely helpless, and I’m pretty sure you’d spend the rest of your remaining days killing golden eagles…


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