On the airplane to Germany and back, I saw many, many movies.

Some were good. Some were terrible. Though my record of seeing something like 5,982 films on a flight to Dubai wasn’t broken, I saw plenty.

Two movies made a real impression for entirely different reasons: ONE DAY starring Anne the Hathaway and THE DESCENDANTS starring George the Clooney.

First up: ONE DAY.

Anne Hatheway — Catwoman this summer in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES — is a good actress in this bad movie, which smelled strongly of Nicholas Sparks.

Here’s the plot: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, girl gets hit by a truck and dies.

I kid you not.

When the truck smashed into Anne the Hatheway, I wanted to throw cutlery at the screen.

Then there was 10 minutes of the boy, Dexter, being sad about the love of his life dying like that. The End.

But maybe my sleep-deprived brain was being grumpy. So when I got home, I fired up the Series of Tubes and hit Rotten Tomatoes to see what professional critics thought of this movie, and they thought it stank up the joint. This reviewer hits it on the head.

HOWEVER: Let’s dive into why the movie rubbed audiences and critics wrong. The acting was fine. The dialogue was good. The episodic thing of showing one day per year of their relationship didn’t hurt the movie that much.

It was the structure and storytelling. The bones were all wrong.

ONE DAY is like sucking all of the comedy from WHEN HARRY MET SALLY and replacing the laughs with misery, then making sure the ending left the audience mad.

Love stories should make you believe in the power of love, not make you think, “The love of my life might get hit by a truck tomorrow, so why bother?”

Up until the truck hits Anne the Hathaway, she’s the focus of the movie, the protag, the heroine. It’s really her POV and she’s quite sympathetic while the boy, Dexter, is a charming jerk. After she’s randomly smashed by a truck, the POV and focus shifts entirely to Dexter for the last minutes of the movie. He wallows in misery. He gets drunk, starts fights in nightclubs, blah blah blah. Then he takes his daughter up to the same hill that he and Anne walked up when they first met and credits roll. Oooookay.

There are rules for (a) love stories, (b) tragedies and (c) horror movies. Rules that make sense for audiences and writers alike.

It’s not really a love story when your heroine gets hit by a truck for no reason. Not a tragedy, either, because tragedies require heroes who fall from grace. They cause their own downfall.

Anne the Hathaway didn’t do anything to deserve her death. Neither did she sacrifice herself for a cause, which would’ve made her death meaningful. Tom Hanks dying in PRIVATE RYAN sucked, but you understood why he did it: to save Matt Damon.

Now in horror movies, it’s perfectly fine for the boogeyman to kill any character in any way, but horror movies are really about punishing sin, with the monster going after lusty teenagers or silly scientists who think they can play god. Everybody dies in the end.

ONE DAY was bad because all sorts of things just happen for no reason.

  • Dexter randomly gets fired from his TV host job.
  • His first wife randomly cheats on him, so they get divorced.
  • Anne the Hathaway randomly gets pancaked by a truck.

If you’re doing a French existentialist movie in black-and-white with subtitles, that sort of thing is fine. Life is meaningless! Personal choice is an illusion! Things just happen!

Good love stories, good tragedies and good horror movies work because things don’t just happen. Characters make choices. Bad choices tend to get punished. Good choices eventually get rewarded. That’s a story.

Verdict: Rent it on Netflix if you want to get truly mad and need to pre-funk before the main event.

THE DESCENDANTS is an entirely different movie, and not just because it has George the Clooney in a Hawaiian shirt instead of Anne the Hathaway pretending to have a British accent.

There is a parallel: George’s wife dies in this movie. She’s in a powerboat accident right off and spends most of the movie in a coma before dying.

Now, that sounds sad, and superficially close to ONE DAY. Except it’s not. The wife isn’t the center of the movie.

The A story is George’s relationship with his two daughters, which isn’t great at the start of the movie. His young daughter keeps getting in trouble at school and his older daughter is in a boarding school to shape up.

The B story is whether or not George, as trustee of 25,000 acres of ancestral land — virginal, undeveloped land in Hawaii — will sell the land and turn it into golf courses and condos.

George’s wife is also a thrill-seeker who (a) does dangerous things like ride really fast in power boats and (b) was cheating on him. Also (c) she isn’t the protag for 3/4ths of the movie, as Anne Hathaway is before getting thwacked by that random truck.

So it makes story sense for George’s wife to get injured while riding too fast in a power boat with a man who’s not her husband, though this is a different man than the one she’s sleeping with.

And it makes story sense for the man she is cheating with — who is also married with kids — to get punished. This happens after George and his daughter visit and the man’s wife figures things out.

To get me to watch ONE DAY again, you’d have to hand me a stack of purple euros and an endless pitcher of margaritas, and even then, I’m 50-50.

I’d happily watch THE DESCENDANTS again. There are plenty of neat little moments throughout, like the obnoxious surfer-stoner friend of the daughter who turns out to be kinder and wiser than he looks. George is also happy to look goofy, like whenever his character runs, which is hilarious. He doesn’t insist on being a movie star.

This is what I like about George and his OCEAN 11 buddies Brad Pitt and Matt Damon — despite being voted Sexiest Man Alive, none of them care about looking stupid. They take risks. They roll the dice with movies big and small.

THE DESCENDANTS is a small movie that says big things. There are no CGI effects. It looks like a no-budget indie movie. And you don’t care, because the story is good.

George suffers, sacrifices and grows. He learns how to be a dad for his daughters, and makes the right choice by not selling all that land, consequences be damned. Things happen for a reason, and nobody gets randomly hit by a truck.

You leave the movie feeling hopeful, and a little wiser.

Verdict: Buy it, if movies can still be bought and stored on the cloud or whatever.

12 thoughts on “ONE DAY vs. THE DESCENDANTS

  1. Thanks for the forewarning. I’m about to board an all-night Boston to London and if British Airways are going with a similar showreel then
    I’ll check out the Clooney and avoid the pan-caked Hathaway.


  2. Story sense – yes. I like it. The whole point is that we learn and grow and improve ourselves. That’s what stories are for. Randomness is an excuse for lazy plotting if you ask me. (Which nobody did.) But a lot of people like ‘One Day’. Maybe it reminds them not to take their loved ones for granted. And not to be an ass.


  3. Hey, Guy, the book of One Day, is actually worse. Just sayin… And I wholeheartedly agree about the wacked idea of killing off your heroine after your audience as stuck with her stupidness for all that time.


  4. We’re looking forward to watching The Descendants and thankful for your review. Also glad for the review so we won’t see the other movie where the thwacking occurs.


  5. I am now officially your own personal slobbering fangirl. Your play by play of One Day sounds exactly like my husband’s. When I refused to watch vis-a-vis said meaningless truck pancaking, he watched on his own.
    I heard him screaming at the television. He ran upstairs and said – “It wasn’t completely horrible but then Anne Hathaway was flattened by a truck. Just flattened, for god’s sake.”
    Me… “Why? Did she do something bad?”
    Husband… “No. It was the stupidest most idiotic film death I’ve ever witnessed. I hate this movie.”
    Me… “Oh. Well, why didn’t the director change the end like in Stranger Than Fiction and have her NOT flattened by the truck?”
    Husband… “Because it’s a stupid movie. Okay? Are you happy now? It’s a stupid movie!”
    Me… “Geez. Don’t get mad at me. I told you not to watch it.”

    Coming off Anne Hathaway’s stint as sick/dying girl in Love and Other Drugs, I hope she isn’t lining up to become the next Hillary Swank. Kill me! Kill me now!


  6. Was on the fence about The Descendants, but I’ll put it in my queue. Mr. Clooney rocks, especially in O Brother, Where Art Thou. Am seriously frightened about the One Day movie. I’ve seen enough bad, plotless film lately. Don’t need to add to my nightmare! Thanks for the head’s up.


  7. Will not go and see One Day. Ever. Will watch The Desendants, one day (if you pardon the pun). I feel one movie is missing in the top ten, so make it a top eleven: Men who stare at goats. Briljant performance by mr. Clooney. And I loved Oh brother. I still watch it every now and then. Got me interested in bluegrass music as well. Great stuff.


  8. I saw the Descendants at the theater early this year and remember being much impressed, especially with Mr. Clooney’s performance. And yes, him running is all by itself worth seeing the movie.

    I was also very much impressed by the older girl’s acting.

    Will avoid this One Day movie though.


  9. Yes! ONE DAY royally pissed me off. I even double-checked to see if Mr. Sparks had written it. It was a total lead-on, with me thinking Dex would finally redeem himself of his reckless ways and they’d have a happy ever after. Nope. He matured a teensy bit after she died, didn’t improve his relationship with his daughter, and the story ended. No meaningful character arc, characters don’t get what they deserve. What’s the point?

    I haven’t seen THE DESCENDENTS, so I only read the last sentence of your review. I hate spoilers. 😉 Will add it to my Netflix queue.


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