Yes, I know that there are rumors that MTV still plays some music videos between the hours of 3 a.m. and 9 a.m., when it’s not doing Jersey Shore marathons or finding the next Heidi Pratt or whatever. MTV used to play videos 24 hours a day. Now all you can watch are country videos on some nearby channel. Do I need country videos about somebody’s dog dying and the transmission on his Chevy going out and his wife leaving with his best friend, and him sure missing his best friend? No. I need a channel that just plays music videos. VH1 doesn’t count.

This video by Fall Out Boy is  a rocking tune with lyrics that nobody understands.

Listen closely. Tell me if you figure out (a) what the lead singer is saying, especially around the chorus and (b) if you can divine any meaning to those words.

Also: there is a parody video that tries to explain the lyrics. Quite funny and well done, though a smidge NSFW. If you fire up the YouTubes, you can probably find it.

30 thoughts on “SUGAR WE’RE GOING DOWN by Fall Out Boy

  1. It almost seems condescending and sarcastic. A lot of songs seem that way. Like it’s toward someone with a narcissist personality. If you break apart most of these so ngs, and this chorus…it spells out Boddah..Acrostic poetry. A lot of songs connect with different acrostic words and phrases


  2. I liked the song much more than the video! But I totally agree with you about MTV. I remember spending entire weekend days on the sofa with a beer and a bowl, rocking out to music videos on TV. Those were the days!


  3. Um. Hm. Listening was a challenge because that vid is one big basket of WTF, but here’s what I got:

    I wanna be that guy, the one you’re sleeping with now, how weird is it that I really wanna be that guy? We’re going down, but I’m fighting it.

    The “going down, cock it and pull it” makes me think of shooting skeet for some reason. And I somehow got the impression that this isn’t so much a breakup song as a pining from afar song.

    But I’m still weirded by the little deer legs on the dad at the end.


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