Insanely bad B-movies: RAWHEAD REX

This is a banner day for Bad Movies.

True film fans enjoy stuff like this, because it doesn’t pretend to be anything but B-movie trash. There’s all sorts of trash aiming for Deep and Meaningful that hit entirely different targets named Pretentious, Obscure and Boring (shorthand: POB).

RAWHEAD REX looks like a silly little nugget of stupid fun. And to be honest, watching films with subtitles is fine, but if all you ever watch is black-and-white movies with subtitles about depressing and intellectual things, it will simply put you in therapy and give you migraines. Your brain, it needs a break sometimes. It need simple fun like RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC or TRANSPORTER or, if you really want to wallow in the B-movie mud, stuff like RAWHEAD REX.

See? What’d I tell you:

  • The special effects are terrible.
  • The monster is a foam rubber joke that would feel at home on the set of Doctor Who.
  • The shreds of a storyline are simply an excuse for crazy scenes of mayhem.

Do these flaws matter? No. Because when you already know you’re watching nonsense, so the lack of polish is refreshing and a conversation starter.

3 thoughts on “Insanely bad B-movies: RAWHEAD REX

  1. That is bad.
    When I go for B movies – or, really, let’s be honest, D movies – I tend toward Sibyl Danning. Either her movies or the set she put out under her distribution. Epic awesome terrible.


  2. Oh, man. I must have been drunk or something when I watched this, but I don’t recall it being *that* bad.
    But that is *bad.*
    The original story is about menstruation, basically, a kind of pseudo-feminist treatise on the mystery of womanhood or some such. (And now that I write that down, that looks pretty stupid, too.) The movie is, as you say, just ridiculous scenes of “carnage” strung together with no apparent reasoning.

    If only it had had that butt-rock soundtrack…!


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