YouTube video lovingly guts everything Aaron Sorkin ever did

tinseltown tuesday meme morpheous

Oh, this is too good. Some talented man sat through 5.93 bazillion hours of Aaron Sorkin footage to find all this glorious stuff.

I’m a big fan of Aaron the Sorkin, especially The West Wing (when it didn’t stink up the joint) and Sports Night¬†and even A FEW GOOD MEN (mostly because of Jack Nicholson and in spite of Tom “Short! Annoying!” Cruise).

HOWEVER: Both Sorkin and another favorite of mine, Quentin Tarantino, are easy to parody. And this supercut of Sorkin is so funny because — like a fine Swiss bell, made by Swiss monks IN SWITZERLAND or whatever, despite the fact that I’m not sure Switzerland has a lot of monks, or any monks who make bells — well, it’s funny because it rings so true.