What do you want?

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Thank you to all the readers of this silly blog. I’m running experiments and on a streak of posting once a day–so now’s a good time to switch things up. What would you like to see?

More languages

WordPress shows which country people are reading from, and I’m noticing Finland, China, Turkey, India–and some place called the Isle of Man, which seems a bit sexist. It’s 2018, not 1518.

I’m running a plugin that translates the blog into the following languages:

If you’d like another language on the list, tell me and I’ll get it going.

Bleeding red ink

What first pages of popular or classic novels are highly over-rated, or put you in a coma, and deserve getting bled on with a red pen?

Which music videos are completely bonkers–or so wondrously complex that the lyrics and images need deciphering?

And is there a movie, TV show or streaming-thing that begs to be watched and dissected?

Switching things up

Should I open up the blog to guest posting goodness, as long as it’s not Karen reposting her Facebook feed full of MLM about essential oils?

Tell me if you’d enjoy more series, like Fitness Tips for the Apocalypse, or want one-offs like weird news stories about psycho killer raccoons terrorizing Olympia (real story) and Texas grandmothers shooting monstrous alligators who ate their miniature horses years ago (also real).

I’m also thinking about adding more analysis of current events and tips on fighting lies and propaganda, seeing how the world has gone completely mad. Bit more serious than I intend for this blog, but these are not normal times.

Hit me up

Happy to listen to suggestions however you want to give them, except by telegram, Twitter DM’s or showing up in person. Not kosher. 

Send secret e-mails

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5 thoughts on “What do you want?

  1. I’ve loved your survival/apocalypse preparedness tips, writing tips, weird news and even pop culture things since I’m out of that loop almost completely.
    Guest posting might be tricky. I’m here for all the things above, but really for your humor on said things. Someone else might not hold my attention as well? (Yes, the question mark is there on purpose :D)


  2. I always like it when bloggers ask for ideas. 🙂

    Fitness Tips for the Apocalypse was what actually first drew me into reading your site. I’d sure like to see more series like that.

    As far as reviews go, do you use Netflix (or some similar streaming thing that has a lot of movies/TV shows on it)? I think it would be cool if you could review some of the stuff you liked/disliked there. Sometimes I feel so indecisive about what to watch next there even though I’ve already paid my monthly subscription fee.

    The analysis of current events/news stories would be interesting, too, if you put a funny spin to it.

    I have a few mixed feelings about guest posts in general, although I’m sure anything you approved would be awesome.


    1. Ah, good.

      New post on Fitness Tips for the Apocalypse just went live.

      Will do a few Netflix things–have Netflix and Amazon Prime, and it seems like most folks have those.

      Thanks for the ideas!


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