BATMAN VS SUPERMAN is 10 times better than I expected

After hearing about all the reviews, I expected Batman vs Superman to stink up the joint, to be Gigli with capes and masks, somehow worse that George Clooney’s turn as Bruce Wayne–which would be very hard to top.


I enjoyed it far, far more than Avengers 2: James Spader Chews Up the Scenery, But Never Makes You Care.

In fact, it’s better than the last of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, which I saw in the theater and own on Blu-Ray with the rest. Batman Begins is actually the most solid and rewatchable of the Nolan’s films.

The Dark Knight has an amazing beginning, and the first five scenes with Heath Ledger rock, but it gets weird toward the end with the random Wayne employee trying to out Batman and the two ferries that are supposed to blow each other up. Meh.

The acid test for any movie is very simple. Would you pay cash money to see it in the theater again? I’ll go see Batfleck in the theaters at least one more time, then buy it on Blu-Ray.

Gal Gadot rocks as Wonder Woman, setting up that solo movie. Batfleck reportedly wrote a script for the solo Batman film he may direct. Aquaman was, for the first time in history, not entirely lame. And I’m crazy stoked for Suicide Squad, which has the best trailer in the history of trailers that don’t feature wheels.

Batman vs Superman performs a minor miracle: though I love Bats and dislike Supes, it made me feel for Superman during their fight. Believe me, this is just about impossible, and Zack Snyder pulled that off.

So yeah, the movie worked, both as a fun time and as a setup for the whole DC Universe to compete with the Marvel Machine to see who can gather the most dollars from us before the Antarctic Ice Sheet melts.

Verdict: Go see it in the theater with popcorn and such.

4 thoughts on “BATMAN VS SUPERMAN is 10 times better than I expected

  1. I liked the movie, but I had mixed emotions.

    I liked: Affleck’s Batman. He is the first actor almost as tall as the comic book character (he’s 6’4″, the real Batman is 6’5′) and it makes a difference on screen in many ways. Batman’s fight scenes are flat-out cool, and look like everyone feels pain. Plus, Bruce Wayne is depicted closer to the comics than ever done before; there’s a woman in his bed, he does detective work, and he has an attitude when in costume.

    The Superman story was pretty good too. Nice to see a Man of Steel get away from the origin story crap and just do Superman stuff. Amy Adams in a bathtub for no reason is always a wise choice.

    The main event, Batman fighting Superman was done well.

    Wonder Woman – Damn, needs her own movie. She is great. How I know is that everyone in the audience knows who she is, and the pay-off is still satisfying.

    What didn’t work for me?

    Lex Luthor – Ugh. Main gripe: I never really understand what drives his hatred of Superman. Later I learned that Bryan Cranston had read for the role.

    Doomsday – If you know Superman you know how the fight is going to end, and how the end is going to end.

    The obvious plot points shoved into the story to advertise a future Justice League movie. If you saw the movie you know what I’m talking about, and it didn’t need to be there.

    I’m hyped about the Affleck stand-alone Batman movie, and the Wonder Woman movie, and I still have high hopes they do more with Superman.

    I recommend seeing this one in the theaters in all of its 3-D glory, and I’ll buy it on BluRay when it comes out.

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