THE SEVENTH ELEMENT by Vitas is inspired crazytown

How do I love this? Let me count the ways.

1) It’s completely and utterly different. Have you ever seen or heard anything like this? No. 

This is what would happen if you took a nightclub scene from THE MATRIX and crossed it with an episode of Teletubbies.

2) It’s completely and utterly ridiculous.

Which is probably the point. The singer knows and embraces the craziness. He’s having a blast.

Why not? You’re on stage. Put on a show. And this is definitely a show.

3) The backup non-dancers slay me. 

Backup dancers who energetically gyrate are fine for Brittney Spears, the Backstreet Boys 7th comeback tour and the bourgeoisie. But dancers who dance do not
surprise and shock you. They are inherently Boring.

So this man gets backup dancers, dressed in rejected costumes for Power Ranger minions, who don’t dance. At all.

4) This singer’s costume and dance moves cannot be replicated.

Heavy metal bands all tend to dress and head-bang in the same way. Same with rap stars, boy bands, divas — it’s like teenagers, who rebel by dressing exactly alike according to their clique.

Not this singer. He’s a space man, with stars on his head, a white space suit from the future and dance moves that cannot be described, though I think he’s revving the engine of his space motorcycle.

5) Nobody else on planet earth has the courage and talent for lyrics that say, “Chorus, so get your tongue trilling groove here.”

I kept backing up the virtual YouTube tape to re-run the trilling bits. Ridiculously funny.

Except it actually sounds decent and fits the song. If you heard it on the radio, you’d think it was a synthesizer, or Eddie Van Halen figuring out a top secret way to play his guitar after a bottle of Wild Turkey.

Bottom line: Though my first instinct was to laugh, and watch it again to laugh more, this is one of the most unique and bizarre music videos I’ve ever seen. And for that, I have to give it props for being meta, because I think the singer and his dancers are in on the joke.


10 thoughts on “THE SEVENTH ELEMENT by Vitas is inspired crazytown

  1. Im have been listening Vitas music for so many years and I love it. He has beautiful voice and charisma.


  2. IMO the video inspires dream like out this world act. Of which some may find queer. But I kinda love it, the whole performance, back up singers, costumes though I don’t understand a bit of lyrics.


  3. my halloween costume for next year…no lie! we’re working on sewing up his costume and another friend or two will be the back up non dancers…and that long brown haired girl doing the windmill in a slip. we’ll be handing out sparklers and boas and have an ipad around playing to my big jambox. i can’t wait! =)


    1. Hey! My son of 11 wants to be him for a costume party. Any tips on how to go about making/buying/figuring it all out, esp. the head piece?
      Ml from Denmark.


  4. This song is attached to the mantra. Mantra (Chandra, Chandra …- this is mantra) consists of Crystal tears, the mantra of love. Vitas gives for us mantra for luck and love….
    I’ve come to give this song…(4x)
    Chandra chandra bedram.(~6-8 time’s)
    I’ve come to give this song…
    from the world of dreams
    I’ve come to give this song…
    made of crystal tears
    I’ve come to give this song…
    for love
    I’ve come to give this song…”

    also, the clothing and dance appeal to his Asian Fans.
    Also, Chandra and Bedram are not really words..its scat language


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