The random junk in our garages, it is multiplying, and IT MUST BE STOPPED

How much stuff is in your garage or basement, taking up space?

I feel your pain. Once you put something in a plastic bin and shove it in your garage, there’s a 95 percent change you’ll never open it. You could move across the country three times, loading and unloading those same plastic bins into U-Hauls, and never crack open the seal.

This is wrong. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Though my first social media love remains Twitter, and my affair with WordPress lives on, the useful thing about Facebook is you can connect with local people who’ll pay you monies to TAKE JUNK YOU DON’T USE.

Here are three ads I put on Facebook today for my local group, East Grays Harbor Swap and Shop, or as I like to call it, EGHSS, which you pronounce kinda like “eggs” except slower and in a Danish accent.

Also: here’s a link to the craigslist ad that started me blogging in the first place: Epic Black Car deserves good owner; are you worthy?

Champion Juicer Emir's Bike Hitting Machine


5 thoughts on “The random junk in our garages, it is multiplying, and IT MUST BE STOPPED

  1. I hate stuff. Every spring, my husband and I donate anything we haven’t used in the last year to victims of domestic violence who are starting over. We just finished purging. Spandex. Yikes.


  2. In our household, we often refer to the purging process as “mucking out.” This can also be applied to the process of cleaning and organizing the room of an almost ten-year-old boy who exhibits pre-hoarding tendencies. As a parent, this is best done with boots, long handled implements from the tool family, the patience of Mother Teresa, and a cocktail on standby. A vacation from logic is also beneficial to one’s mental health. As making the the leap that that the same child who can quote detailed analyses of hundreds of Pokemon characters for hours on end, should be able to figure out that Legos go in the bin labeled “Legos” AND actually perform the act of putting them there with a sustained focus of more than 2.3 seconds, can be dishearteningly painful.


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