YOU SPIN ME ROUND by Dead or Alive is the best of the ’80s worst

When you take a popular song and add an insanely bad video, you get ’80s gold.

I think it was Larry the Clark who spotted this gem. There’s no creativity here, no story, no theme.

This is my theory of what happened: the band showed up and the video’s director said, “Hey, we’ve got a picture frame and five acres of blue fabric. Just do weird stuff and I’ll keep the cameras rolling.”

Is there anything from the ’90s, 2000’s or today that even compares? (Note: videos by Adam Ant do not count, because that’s too easy.)

4 thoughts on “YOU SPIN ME ROUND by Dead or Alive is the best of the ’80s worst

  1. this kind of epitomises all i love & hate about the 80s. some great music yes, some dodgy videos – definitely, and a decade that spawned the WORST fashion trends ever… amazing era. glad i lived through it. hahaha!


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