GAME OF THRONES as a cheesy ’80s TV show

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game of thrones

Now, having only seen bits of GAME OF THRONES doesn’t stop me from loving this video, and wishing they could make an entire episode like this.

Nailed it, didn’t they?

For comparison, here’s the most epic ’80s synthethizer music intro ever, from AIRWOLF:

Let’s chat for a second about why GoT is such a huge hit. It’s not like he invented something brand new, and no, J.R. Tolkien didn’t, either. He borrowed from Nordic myths.

GoT seems to have become huge not despite the fact that major and beloved characters might die at any time, but because of that fact.

It’s completely unlike your typical TV series, which is based on one or two major stars and a cast of bit players. The stars never die, though if a major star leaves the show to give Hollywood a shot, the series often goes kaput.

Think of STAR TREK except Kirk dies in the third episode and Spock gets eaten by a salt-monster on some desert planet in episode five, leaving Bones in charge until the Klingons destroy the Federation in episode seven. Crazy, right? But you’d watch it.

As a special bonus: here are all kinds of intros to crazy ’80s TV shows. Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “GAME OF THRONES as a cheesy ’80s TV show

  1. Actually GOT – both the books and the show, drives me insane for exactly that reason – everybody dies. Valar Morghulis. All men must die. He borrowed loads from The War of the Roses.
    The problem is, once you kill off every single beloved character, who are you left with? Brienne of Tarth. The most boring character in the history of fantasy. She’s much more interesting in the television series.
    Poor poor Sean Bean. Gets killed off in almost every single movie.


    1. Yes Sean Bean rarely fairs well. Many years ago 1994 he was in a television movie based on Scarlett the sequel to Gone With The Wind. He was a nasty character that deserved to die and Scarlett O’Hara obliged him.


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