French filmmaker’s epic tribute to BREAKING BAD

Gus to the cartel: Bring it.

This video by Alexandre Gasulla contains everything I love about BREAKING BAD: the beautifully framed images, the music, the menace, characters who actually suffer and change and die.

Most television series are packed full of cardboard stereotypes and cliches that never change from episode to episode, unless the actor breaks out and bails for Tinseltown paychecks.

Even the best shows either jump the shark (Fonz actually did this on a motorcycle), forgets that when you turn a great villain into a pseudo-hero you have no villain at all (HEROES), gets seven times weirder than necessary (LOST) or simply limps on too long past its expiration date until the network cancels the thing and the showrunners throw together a Giant Flashback Episode, because otherwise, all the actors who bailed to become movie stars won’t be in the finale at all (every TV show ever).

BREAKING BAD ended on its own terms, the story complete. Thank you, Alexandre, for making this work of art celebrating a work of art.

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3 thoughts on “French filmmaker’s epic tribute to BREAKING BAD

  1. Agreed! Every image and every word in Breaking Bad was deliberate. There was a solid reason behind every choice made in that show.

    The convoluted-for-convoluted’s sake drivel that Lost turned into, two seasons in, was simply wasteful.

    Now let’s talk Game of Thrones…


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