A sad and beautiful music video: KHWAAB by Niraj Chag

As is my habit, and my Bobby Brown prerogative, I tend to take pop music and POKE GIANT HOLES IN IT. Because it’s entertaining.

Or I find something bizarre, maybe a music video that we all thought was so flipping cool back in 1995 or 1985, but when you look back at it now, the thing is just wacky.

HOWEVER: this video is different.

It’s a sad song with a real story. There’s nothing cheesy or silly about it. I salute the singer, the actors and the whole shebang.

Bonus: the Bobby Brown song that I named dropped. My favorite part is the dancer “playing” one of those guitar-keyboard things, which is trying desperately to be cool. Give it up. Pianos and such are cool just how they are.

2 thoughts on “A sad and beautiful music video: KHWAAB by Niraj Chag

  1. Dude. That made me cry. I was so hoping he’d turn out to be a hero! I do wish they’d done subtitles or something so I could read the translation. I have the feeling it would be even more moving than without and that was like…wow.

    People make fun of Bollywood, but they do a LOT of things right when it comes to quality.


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