Thank you, beautiful and brilliant blog readers

I’m at the same seaside cabin where my silly blog was born. Have I been kidnapped again by attorneys wielding bottles of Riesling? Maaaybe.


So: this is a thank you to the kind and witty people who read this blog, comment, tell their peoples about posts and talk smack to me on the Twitter.

A dialogue takes more than one person. At least that’s what they tell me. THEY COULD BE LYING.

16 thoughts on “Thank you, beautiful and brilliant blog readers

  1. What can I say? This is my favorite blog to read.

    I think we (your dear readers) should have a “Fitty Shades” Riesling & Reading party when that post goes up. Give us ample notice, for I feel there may be a nationwide shortage of Riesling that night.

    Keep it up Guy. And like I’ve told you before, publish the murderous kitty book,…and,as you say in your tweets, DO IT NOW!


  2. I am so very, very grateful that I am not the only person in the world who likes Riesling, and possibly other dessert wines. Please recommend a wine for someone who has been known to add spoonfuls of sugar to Pinot Grigio.


    1. Oh, you have to try viognier.

      Also: Chimay from Belgium, which is technically beer but smooth as silk and tastes nothing like any other beer. You will never drink a Bud Light again.


  3. Wonderful blog Guy, and one of the few that I make sure I read regularly…do you fancy being El Presidente of my political party? (Western Australian Revolutionary Party – getting WA up to WARP speed!). The position is vacant. Current membership is 1, but I have great prospects (delusions).

    Let me know…I promise you a mansion in the Cocos Islands (but rmember this is a politician’s promise!)



      1. After careful consideration – you’re in…your only duties as El Presidente are to tell everybody how great Western Australia is (it doesn’ matter if you know nothing about our wonderful state – make a whole heap of stuff up if you have to, most politicians do), take long trips overseas, and make sporadic appearances in the tabloids after yet another ‘lapse of judgement’ and subsequent scandal.

        Also, try a drop of the Vasse Felix Classic White from Margaret River if you’re a white wine person, or the Cabernet Merlot if you like red.




  4. You are freakin’ hilarious – whether or not I agree with your posts is irrelevant – they (mostly) always put a smile on my face and often get me going to investigate a thing or two – your thoughts are like pebbles in a pond – if you are the water, you must deal with the ripples…

    I hope you really enjoy your holiday in your little getaway…
    Cheers! Marc


  5. I too, am tormented by the red pen. It is a long psychological trauma starting in high school by an English Teacher who had little sense of humor. To return the torture, I just wrote longer stories. It was the Red Pen of Doom that brought me here. I could not resist.
    Love the blog, it makes me smile 🙂


  6. Well. My insane request involves sharing that Reisling…but, failing that, I request that you continue the awesomeness of the Red Pen of Doom – in fact, I request an actual Red Pen editing session for… the first 500 or so words of 50 Shades of Grey. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Let’s see if you can find enough bourbon for that!


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