9 thoughts on “Freaky musical commercial from Norway

  1. That’s an awesome commercial. and there’s like a whole series of them! The Norwegians have an interesting sense when it comes to music. Black metal and lots of techno and then the folk stuff. Interesting mix. I’ll share a sort of mellow electronica one – though, oddly, it’s from a band classified as black metal (Nattefrost). What I like about this video is that it looks like it cost about $65 to make. Most of which seems to have gone to gel lights. And a pair of sunglasses.

  2. This is like Norway’s version of Sesame Street, right? Funny. I understood the words. Weird. The beat was from an Israeli hip-hop song.

      1. I like Israeli hip hop. Got a good beat. I’d find you a link but last time I looked up some musicians on YouTube they’d all been hacked. Probably by some evil virus.

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