Book publicity: The case of the hitchhiking writer who gets shot

media strategy saturday meme

So this West Virginia photographer is hitchhiking around the country, writing a book about kindness in America, when he’s randomly shot by some man in a truck.

That’s news. Ironic and interesting, with a mystery thrown in: who shot him, and why?

The police arrested a man in a maroon pickup who matched the description. Reporters wrote all kinds of stories about this writer / photographer, Ray Dolin, and his book idea.

Those stories turned out to be wrong. Turns out, he shot himself.

Protip: shooting yourself is never a good way to (a) promote a book idea, (b) win back your ex-girlfriend or (c) make a sweet YouTube video.

8 thoughts on “Book publicity: The case of the hitchhiking writer who gets shot

  1. Well I guess it’s to late to ask him, “How’d that work out for you”…
    I just shake my head at times…


  2. I know selling books is desirable, but more desirable than not getting shot? I think not. Unhinged. Clearly.


  3. Oh I know! We spend a lot of time in Montana and it didn’t totally surprise me when he was shot… it happens. I found it ironic. Mr. Friendly hitchhiker sitting down for lunch is randomly shot. Ooops! He was accidentally shot by Claudine Longet!
    But when I read he’d shot himself? Sorry – hilarious! The lengths some will go to…


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