Two insane illusions turn beauty into ugliness

Science tells us that beauty is all about symmetry, which is a word that I can spell.

That’s because a symmetrical face proves that you have good genes. A lopsided face full of scars and whatnot proves that you have bad genes, bad hygiene and possibly got into a fight with Mr. Green Jeans.

So, your brain’s need for supermodels from Sweden with great genes and symmetry also makes you very, very susceptible to this illusion, which is seven separate flavors of awesomesauce.

Beauty to ugliness illusion

As a bonus, the same evil researchers in white lab coats put together the same illusion featuring a bunch of celebrities, which will change how you think of Tom Cruise forever.

Celebrity faces – distortion illusion

2 thoughts on “Two insane illusions turn beauty into ugliness

  1. I kinda had a seizure. This should come with a warning. It’s the same as staring at your face in the mirror until you turn into Satan…


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