Five MC Hammer flash mobs from AROUND THE WORLD

As a fan of music videos, and flash mobs, this sort of thing makes my day.

The classic. The all-time great: MC Hammer flash mob in some random LA clothing store.

This might be the same peoples. I love them. If they were for hire, I’d bring them for parties.


Even hippie ninja pirates type get into it, lulling you with their Singing in the Rain thing before busting out the Hammer.

Finally: The Boring Accountants dance badly, but at least they TRY, and have fun.

15 thoughts on “Five MC Hammer flash mobs from AROUND THE WORLD

  1. awesome.. I’d love to be in a flash mob.. oh the places my mind goes when I think of where it could occur šŸ™‚


      1. You lost me there for a minute – who is camoflaged George I thought? Is he an imaginary friend, like Shy Beatrice?
        But he is my screensaver too, so my memory was jogged. How could I resist an animal that likes to have his belly rubbed? šŸ™‚

        You’re right – the tax comment didn’t quite make sense – sorry about that! But accountants do seem to be quite talented and getting away with illegal things sometimes.


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