How to survive the coming Robopocalypse

Zombies, nuclear war and the Spanish Flu wiping out civilization are all fun to talk about. Mad Max! Bartertown!

But a robot uprising is a real possibility. Maybe they get smarter than us and don’t like being slaves to inferior beings.

Maybe an evil genius creates an unstoppable army of robots.

Or maybe some programmer screws up the C++ whatever and turns happy little lawn-mowing robots into roving blades of robotic death.

Either way, this Daniel H. Wilson man (do NOT forget the H., peoples) is not only a robot expert with a PhD and such, but an author who’s written about surviving the coming robopocalypse. Also: the animation to the video is awesomesauce.


8 thoughts on “How to survive the coming Robopocalypse

  1. Stick with me. I’ve had a contingency plan in place ever since I dropped acid and saw 2001, A Space Odyssey.


    1. I keep following your blog every day and the WordPress, it refuses to let that stick. Unfollows you, faithfully, on days that end in Y.

      Don’t know why. IT IS A MYSTERY.


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