Steampunk goodness

If you love books, you know that steampunk is a genre.

If you’re pretentious, you know three different ways of pronouncing “genre” and scoff — pish-posh! — at lowbrows who pronounce it incorrectly.

If you’re literary agent Cherry Weiner, you know that there are different branches of steampunk (cowboy, gaslight, etc), because YOU INVENTED IT and are too cool for school.

This is an interesting and worthy genre, and all good fun. I believe it is far, far superior to the over-used genres known as “sparkly vampire YA nonsense trying to ride the coattails of TWILIGHT” and “angry elves with lightsabers riding into battle against dinosaurs in spaceships” and yes, those two things basically exist.

As a man who’s only fashion instincts are “three piece suits” and “nothing that makes you look like a doofus,” I appreciate this little video of steampunk clothing, especially the line, “I want YOU for the dirigible corps!” Well done. More more MORE.

13 thoughts on “Steampunk goodness

  1. We must stop perpetuating this myth that sparkly vampires are a trend in YA. Vampires being emotive and sissy is a trend; those are generic features. Sparkles are brand-name: Meyer.

    I don’t quite get the appeal of steampunk, unless it features Johnny Depp making soylent green. But Felicia Day is delightful.


  2. Thank you Red Pen of Doom for giving me far more reasons to love steampunk. Felicia Day is phenomenal, and steampunk is kind of my guilty pleasure source genre. I can’t get enough of robots and late 1800/1900’s history. Victorian literature, art work, and just the general style of steampunk screams out something inside me – honestly – I’m half tempted to believe I’m part automaton sometimes.

    – but I digress, wonderful post folks! I love Geek and Sundry and I’ve been a fan of Day’s since the first time I saw her in the Guild – not to mention her work in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. That was fantastic – come to think of it, how cool would it be to see a sing-along steampunk themed video/movie similar to Dr. Horrible?

    *idea hitting inter-webs now!*


  3. Ms. Felicia absolutely knows how to make a web show: quick, entertaining, colorful, informative. Her being a beautiful ginger-haired girl has something to do with it, too. (And I love her comment, “Modeling is hard!” Yes, it is!)

    I enjoy the visual aesthetics of steampunk (who doesn’t love corsets?), though I can’t quite get the Victorian accent out of my head whenever I read it. Likely, that’s one reason why I liked Alan Moore’s “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” so much.


  4. I loved steampunk as a kid, but didn’t know it was steampunk (Jules Verne and others whose names I’ve forgotten). My problem with steampunk today is that it makes me really, really want a dirigible, So I ask the old man, “Can we please, please, please get a dirigible? Hon? Pretty please?” Then he says no, and I go into a pout that lasts about a week and it’s no fun time around our house.

    Latest steampunk faves: Larry Correia’s GRIMNOIR CHRONICLES series. Dirigibles AND gun porn. Mark Hodder’s BURTON AND SWINBURNE series (starring Sir Richard Burton, the explorer, not the actor). Mechanical men AND zombies. Pure heaven.


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