Top 5 music videos from Ukraine’s fight for freedom

What the people and soldiers of Ukraine have done is incredibly impressive, creative, and heroic.

I’ve watched and read about this war since the day Russia invaded, and want to hail the heroes who are liberating so much of their land in the last two weeks. Books will be written about them. I will forever be impressed by the courage of the Ukrainian people and the leadership of President Zelensky.

On Mondays, I usually post (a) obscure music videos that need to be shared or (b) make fun of popular artists who spent more than the gross national product of Paraguay to create a music video that should not exist.

Today, I want to post my top five favorite music videos coming out of Ukraine during this war.

These videos may not seem important. Yet from the very first Bayraktar video, I believe they helped boost morale inside the country and galvanize international support in a way that policy papers and numbers never could.

First up is a solid, traditional choice: use a rock song as the soundtrack for footage.

Second is creative goodness piled on goodness, with The Kiffness turning a soldier’s solo into seven different flavors of awesomesauce.

Third: a tribute to the soldiers.

Fourth, we have a change-up, edited more like a movie than a music video, with a slowed-down cover of Lincoln Park–so well done.

And fifth, a classic–soldiers doing the original Bayraktar song. Sláva Ukrayíni!