Music Video Monday: Iron Maiden on the Ukulele

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This one’s for you, Larry of the Palouse.

The two British dudes are not only masters of the ukulele and triangle, they’re pretty funny in the beginning. And they can sing.

4 thoughts on “Music Video Monday: Iron Maiden on the Ukulele

  1. Quite entertaining; I enjoy a lot of homemade uke videos, and this is a pretty good one. I rather miss that telltale galloping drum beat of the original, though….

  2. Well, you made it a fine Monday, despite the rain and wind. Not only do I get a shout-out of Epic proportions, but I get to hear the uke.

    I do admit, though, the triangle makes me want to run for the hills. Something about the “ting”-ing feels like a psych experiment. Must. Eat. Bran. Must. Push. Shock. Button.

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