Prepare yourself for the robopocalypse

So this robot can walk, carry heavy objects — and hurl those heavy objects at your noggin.

This is either (a) the best thing ever or (b) Step No. 4,932 toward making TERMINATOR a documentary film.

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Guy - Photo by Suhyoon Cho

Guy – Photo by Suhyoon Cho

Reformed journalist. Scribbler of speeches and whatnot. Wrote a thriller that was a finalist for some award.



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6 responses to “Prepare yourself for the robopocalypse

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  2. I think it’ll be the Terminator documentary.

  3. It won’t be long until this takes the sport of discus throwing to… well, to whole new heights, I suppose.

  4. Definitely (b).

    Ideaistas (*n*): free-ranging minds at play

  5. juliabarrett

    Yes, I’ve seen this. Pretty impressive. And you’re right. Could go either direction.

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