DO YOU DREAM IN COLOR? by Bill Nelson is a complete trip

My freshman year of college, I had an 8 a.m. class on Fridays called “Concepts of the Self.”

I shouldn’t have to tell you this is prime time for a hangover, and if I do, well you’re a better person than me.

Anyway, my professor was always going on and on about the subconscious mind and I’ll never forget this video he showed us, called Do you Dream in Color? by Bill Nelson. Go on and give it a gander.

That’s crazy, right? Like the dude with the jello-legs and the saxophone, what’s he trying to accomplish?

Images from this video will randomly float through my head, and I’ve got to give my boy Bill props here. He isn’t telling a story through direct means, he is using wild imagery to convey a feeling. I don’t know what the heck is going on, but I feel like I’m in a dream.

I’m sort of obsessed with Lady Gaga (and actually wore a real hair-bow out once), and I get frustrated when people complain about her videos. Her Marry the Night video is a perfect example of imagery based out of emotion. It’s like the video Guy posted by Elle Goulding — you can’t take your eyes away because the video enhances the full song experience.

So ask yourself: Do you dream in color?

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One response to “DO YOU DREAM IN COLOR? by Bill Nelson is a complete trip

  1. That was Max Hedron at the end. This is a funny trip back in time.

    I love random videos. It reminds me of Twin Peaks the TV series. There were many random scenes that would seep into my subconscious and the music was so eerie!

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