PR case studies about the POLITICS

The New York Times

For two years or whatever, I blogged three times a week about publicity, speechwriting, public relations and scandals for The New York Times’  If you are an author, actor, director, politician, professional athlete, rock star, user of social media or otherwise in the public eye, THESE POSTS ARE USEFUL TO YOU. If you live in an ice cave, you can safely ignore all this stuff and go back to tanning that elk hide.

Case studies about the POLITICS

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminates His Good Public Image

The Arizona Shootings: Reacting to a National Tragedy

How a Press Conference Finally Killed the Birthers

Trump for President: a PR Stunt that Backfired

Walking Off a Live TV Show: Terrible Gaffe or Brilliant PR Move?

The Kerfluffle Over Newt Gingrich and His Allegedly Fake Twitter Followers

When Coming in Third is Worse than Finishing Last

The Public Relations Battle About the U.S. Debt Limit

Political PR: Race for the White House

Weinergate: The Fall of a Promising Politician

How Rep. Weiner Lost Control of His Own Press Conference

Palin Goes Rogue on Paul Revere’s Ride


Guy - Photo by Suhyoon Cho

Guy – Photo by Suhyoon Cho

Reformed journalist. Scribbler of speeches and whatnot. Wrote a thriller that was a finalist for some award.


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2 responses to “PR case studies about the POLITICS

  1. I grew up reading and studying about Ah-nold. As a wiry teenage kid growing up and lifting weights I was in absolute awe of his tenacity and single-minded pursuit of perfection in all he did. That not only was he about bodybuilding–but (apparently, I thought then…) about mindbuilding (I was all about a sound mind in a healthy body–still am), since I’d read he was also taking college courses on finance and business. His success bore out his strategy. As I grew up past adolescence, I heard about steroids. Denial about steroids. Unsavory allegations. Denial about unsavory allegations. Heart surgery that couldn’t POSSIBLY have originated from steroids…and now this.

    I don’t look down on anyone. No one’s perfect. We’re not meant to be. Sure, I may have my fill of certain individuals (and vice versa!) and never want to deal with them again because of what I’d experienced (v.v.!), but I give them room to grow and make up (not to THEMSELVES) for whatever it is they’ve done in life to make me part ways with them (and v,v,!). We all have our inner demons. I feel sad for Arnold and all the rest on a metaphysical level…but know that somewhere (deep down in their souls) they ARE learning, whether or not their corporeal facades acknowledge or display any such knowledge.

    Life is a classroom. We’re here to learn. When you’re in the limelight, I guess it’s harder to learn with all that glare blinded ya.

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